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The times we are living in are scary because there is so much unknown.  A worldwide pandemic has destroyed so many events, potential memories, and lives.  People have so many questions that we still do not have answers to. How long will this pandemic last?  If I contract this virus, how sick will I get? How long does this virus live on surfaces?  

These are all valid questions but there is one question that many people are asking.  How do I protect myself from this virus in my home and workspace? According to the CDC, there are several things one can do to help prevent the spread and protect themselves from COVID-19.  

Disinfecting your area with EPA-registered household cleaners is the simplest way to guard yourself against the virus in your home and workspace.  Allowing the disinfectant to sit on the surface for at least one minute is recommended to ensure that germs, bacteria and viruses are killed. Diluted household bleach is also a suitable cleaning agent.   Wearing protective gear like rubber gloves, masks, and protective eyewear can not hurt. It’s also important you have good ventilation when working with these products.  

I personally took an entire week to give my home a good deep cleaning but I couldn’t help but think, “Did I get everything, every area, every nook, and cranny?”  I was a bit paranoid, I have to admit. I never had insecurities about cleaning my house before, but I know that because we are in such unpredictable times. It was necessary to do a thorough job.

I made sure that I had my rubber gloves and face mask on to protect myself from the fumes and germs.  Since there was a shortage of cleaning products at my local store, I decided to mix bleach and water into a spray bottle.  I sprayed until my heart’s content and wiped every possible surface and corner that could handle my bleach concoction.  

My house is considered high risk because my mother, who is a  senior citizen, and two severely asthmatic children all reside together.  I made it my personal duty to deep clean my entire home to help ensure their safety.  When I perused the CDC website I found it very comforting that the guidelines for killing this virus were so simple.  Simply bleach and water or an EPA registered cleaner that states it can kill the coronavirus were all I needed.  

When I return to my office, I will also have a travel size spray bottle of my bleach mixture and will treat my work area accordingly.  Wiping down my desk, phone, doorknobs and any other high touch areas will make me feel safe and secure. In a time when so much is out of my control, doing this quick treatment of my workspace gives me a bit of security.  We can all do our part to help fight this pandemic. We’re all in this together.

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