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Why is a clean school so important?  The answer to this question might seem obvious but let’s take a second and think about it.  WHY IS A CLEAN SCHOOL SO IMPORTANT?  Does it help students achieve better grades?  Does it make for a more inviting environment for all involved?  Can it make students enjoy school more?  I think that all of these questions are valid and that the answer is yes to all as well.  A clean environment is imperative because first and foremost we have to keep our children healthy.  

I worked in my children’s school as the office secretary for two years.  It just so happened that my office was directly across from the restrooms.  I observed children all day skipping down the hallway and in and out of the bathrooms.  I always asked when they came out, “Did you wash your hands?” and undoubtedly several students would hang their heads low and do the walk of shame back into the bathroom for a good scrubbing of their hands.  “Unbelievable,”  I’d often think to myself, but the bottom line is, there are kids.  They forget and have better things to do.  Kids can be oblivious to the importance of personal hygiene which makes it that much more important than their school environment be clean and sanitized.  But to answer our million-dollar question, it is for health reasons.  Nobody wants to be in a dirty environment.  Nobody wants to get sick.   And nobody wants to contract the novel coronavirus, the reason why we are all paranoid in the first place.  

As parents drop their kids off to school, it would be so disconcerting to see layers of dust on bookshelves, spillage on steps, and smudges on glass windows.  They would most likely wonder about the efficiency of the school’s cleaning crew and janitors.  Germs linger everywhere, especially in schools, and with the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, we can not be overly cautious.  Wiping down and disinfecting bathrooms, water fountains, desks and chairs are only the beginning trying to beat a pandemic.  The constant washing of hands and sneezing into our elbows also gives us a fighting chance to remain healthy and strong.

The high traffic hallways, classrooms, and cafeteria along with other high touch areas like doorknobs and light switches are a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and other viral pathogens.  Telling children to “wash their hands” is an excellent start and must happen, but the actual school needs to be clean as well.  

Sanitation from top to bottom is the new normal for us now.  It ensures our schools are a safe place to learn, grow, and play. Proper disinfecting techniques and procedures have to take place to make sure students, staff, and teachers are not getting sick and staying strong to do their job.  A clean learning environment is invaluable, especially with this current pandemic.  As we learn more and more about COVID-19, it still will not replace the basic strategies we need to use to fight any illness, washing our hands, and having a sanitized school, home, and workplace.