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Healthcare Facilities & Medical Offices

There is nothing like a first impression because it leaves a lasting impression. An institution such as a bank or credit union needs to evoke trust and dependability. What better way to first establish that than with an exceptionally sanitary, clean and tidy workspace. Our Cherry Hill-based maintenance team delivers unsurpassed janitorial services. Your customers, who matter most, will take note and your company’s brand will continue to be established in excellence. Customer acquisition and retention are paramount when it comes to financial establishments and maintaining a clean environment is the first step in gaining business. Floorite, LLC. has years of experience cleaning financial institutions and knows how to maintain consistency amongst branches. Our expertise and strong work ethic have afforded us the ability to build deep-rooted and long-lasting relationships with many local banks and credit unions.

DISINFECT Covid-19 Commercial and Homes

✓ Quickly Disinfects All Surfaces
✓ New – Patented Fog Disinfection
✓ Natural, Safe and Non-Toxic
✓ Kills Coronavirus Bacteria
✓ Non-Demolition Mold Removal
✓ Floorite – Ongoing Protection
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