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Is air duct cleaning expensive?

The cost of having your air ducts cleaned depends on the business’ location, the material and accessibility of the ducts and how dirty the system is.  Call a Floorite professional for a free quote.

How long will it take to have my air ducts cleaned?

Typically we plan on several hours to get commercial hvac jobs done.  Once a technician arrives they will be able to give you a more precise time estimate.  This estimate depends on the size and complexity of the hvac system.

Will air duct cleaning be disruptive to my business?

We always work around our client’s schedule.  It is important that all services rendered are convenient for you.  We are able to work after hours and also work in sections if we need to work while you are open.  Our goal is to minimize any disruption to your establishment.

How often do I need to get my air ducts cleaned?

It is recommended that you have your HVAC system inspected every year and cleaned every 3-5 years according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

Do I need to do anything prior to the technician arriving for my scheduled service?

Because air duct cleaning can be noisy, it is best that it is done during non work hours.  It is also recommended that the technician knows where the fire extinguisher and first aid kit are located.