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During this COVID-19 shutdown, we implement Floorite's Viralkleen Process to keep our buildings maintained. Our Viralkleen process exceeds the CDC guidance because of our ATP testing (swab test). 

Viralkleen is Floorite’s disinfecting and sanitizing process which includes the following steps; Clean soiled areas, Swab, Wipedown to disinfect and sanitize, and Electrostatic disinfecting with our state of the art sprayer.


COVID-19 Facility Reopening Cleaning

Everyone is hoping for the best as the economy slowly starts to stimulate.  As businesses, schools, and daycares start to open it is imperative that certain precautions are taken and there is a protocol in place.  Life during the COVID-19 pandemic can be unnerving and requires more than a status quo cleaning and janitorial services.  Ensuring a safer environment requires a company that is well versed in biohazard cleaning and has a public health infectious disease mitigation platform in place.

Floorite’s ViralKleen Process allows commercial facilities to open confidently after and during the COVID-19 crisis.  Our cleaning and disinfecting procedures are extremely effective and efficient due to the use of hospital-grade, EPA registered products which are measured to the exact manufacturer’s specs for mixing and setting time.  

We also have a complete commercial facility reopening guide to help people navigate the opening process safely and optimistically.  Business operations, communication procedures, and facility maintenance are just a few of the many topics discussed in this comprehensive guide.



Viralkleen is Floorite’s disinfecting and sanitizing process which includes the following steps…

Our process can and will kill viruses on any exposed surface but can’t stop the spread of viruses if someone catches it through person-to-person contact.


Adhering to the EPA and CDC standards, we clean and disinfect all high touch surfaces and objects but not limited to the areas listed below.

-Doorknobs and handles
-Stair rails
-Classroom desks and chairs
-Lunchroom tables and chairs
-Light switches
-Handles on equipment (e.g., athletic equipment)
-Pushbuttons on vending machines and elevators
-Shared toys
-Shared remote controls
-Shared telephones
-Shared desktops
-Shared computer keyboards and mice

Step 3 - DISINFECT -Spray/wipedown

We disinfectant using PUR-ONE tabs and adhere to all SDS guidelines.

We disinfectant using PUR-ONE tabs and adhere to all SDS guidelines.

To disinfect and sanitize we spray PUR-ONE disinfectant allowing maximum dwell time before wiping down. Staff use

micro-fiber cloths, dry wipes, and spray bottles which are necessary to clean/disinfect surfaces prior to Electrostatic Sprayer application.


Our trained QA staff then take a random swab sample of cleaned areas using Ensure and ATP.

Results are obtained in minutes and sent to clients facility manager.

Step 4 - Electrostatic Disinfecting

Electrostatic/Fog-Spray Disinfecting


We use our electrostatic sprayer to disinfect for Coronavirus COVID-19. Using PUR-TABS, in combination with our electrostatic sprayer,

our process is safer for people but deadly for infectious agents. PURTABS are effervescent disinfecting and sanitizing tablets that deliver high performance in a safe and effective formula. Electrostatic disinfecting at its best!


Electrostatic/Fog-Spray Disinfecting

Electrostatic/Fog-Spray Disinfecting


We are swift – We use our electrostatic sprayer to spray/sanitize, using PUR-TABS, all areas while maintaining appropriate wait time.

DISINFECT/SANITIZE – Safer for people. Deadly for infectious agents. PURTABS are effervescent disinfecting and sanitizing tablets that deliver high performance in a safe and effective formula. Electrostatic disinfecting at it’s best. More on COVID-19 and why we trust our process.



We are smart – We clean all soiled areas (basic cleaning) first!
Floorite adhere to this treatment with recommended N list product wipe down by EPA #777-66


We are transparent – Our trained QA staff then take a random swab sample of cleaned areas using Ensure and ATP.

More information and SDS on our testing equipment and process.

Floorite and EnSURE Touch
Floorite-UltraSnap SDS

DISINFECT -Spray/wipedown

Floorite-PUR:ONE Disinfectanting – Spray and Wipe Down

We are safe – We disinfectant using PUR-ONE tabs and adhering to all SDS guidelines.

We CLEAN to remove visible soil and then spray to achieve complete and quick sanitizing or disinfection. With the help of PUR:ONE, and the use micro-fiber cloths, dry wipes, and spray bottles to clean/disinfect surfaces prior to enhanced disinfection with the Floorite Electrostatic Sprayer and PURTABS.

Floorite-PUR:ONE Clean-Disinfectant-Sanitize

Cost to Sanitize


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How COVID-19 spreads

The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly spread by respiratory droplets. When someone infected with COVID-19 coughs or sneezes, respiratory droplets that contain the virus are expelled and can be breathed in by someone nearby. Although the virus cannot enter the body through the skin, the respiratory droplets carrying the virus can get into your airways or mucous membranes of your eyes, nose, or mouth to infect you. The virus can also be spread if you touch a surface contaminated with the virus and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth, although this is not the primary way the virus spreads.


Sanitize or Disinfect

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What is Floor Wax Emulsion?

Floor wax emulsion is a composition involving more than one waxy material which is then mixed with emulsifiers or surfactants to create a floor wax that protects floors from water and other matter that could be damaging to the surface of the floor.

Routine cleaning and disinfecting


We clean and disinfect at least daily (or more, depending on use patterns) frequently touched surfaces and objects such as: 

  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Stair rails
  • Classroom desks and chairs
  • Lunchroom tables and chairs
  • Countertops
  • Handrails
  • Light switches
  • Handles on equipment (e.g., athletic equipment)
  • Push-buttons on vending machines and elevators
  • Shared toys
  • Shared remote controls
  • Shared telephones
  • Shared desktops
  • Shared computer keyboards and mice
  • Bus seats and handrails

Guidance for cleaning and disinfecting

Routine cleaning and disinfecting is key to maintaining a safe environment for faculty, students, and staff.

  • Cleaning removes dirt and most germs and is usually done with soap and water. 
  • Disinfecting kills most germs, depending on the type of chemical, and only when the chemical product is used as directed on the label. 

Our Floorite technicians are trained to correctly use personal protective equipment (PPE) to limit any chance of cross-contamination


It is important that all high touch areas like light switches, doorknobs, copiers, and handrails are cleaned and disinfected properly.  Once this is done an aerosolized disinfect solution will be used to treat absorptive surfaces like upholstery, cubicle walls, carpets, and area rugs.  We also integrate an EPA registered health care grade disinfectant during this step to ensure annihilating any viruses and bacteria.  Complete disinfection of all restrooms from top to bottom, including walls, will take place as well.

If your facility has large open areas like in a manufacturing plant or warehouse we use our electrostatic spraying method making sure all surfaces are adequately treated with our commercial-grade disinfectant that adheres to all CDC, EPA, and OSHA guidelines.  

Our Floorite technicians are trained to correctly use personal protective equipment (PPE) to limit any chance of cross-contamination

Facility Surface Cleaning, Disinfecting and sanitizing  We are the most comprehensive commercial cleaning company in regards to COVID-19  reopening strategies because of our highly effective ViralKleen process.  Everyone deserves to feel comfortable reentering the workplace so they can do their job confidently.  At Floorite, we are here to make sure that happens.


Our ViralKleen process has been evaluated by the best environmental scientists in the business to ensure that it can tackle and kill viral pathogens like COVID-19.  To best meet our client’s needs, we have customized packages that can fit any cleaning scenario and budget.  We have two protocols in place to help us be effective and work quickly.  The preventative plan of action is to clean and disinfect for preventative purposes to ensure the safety of employees, residents, and patrons alike from any potential viruses.  The decontamination plan of action is for any facility that believes that they have been exposed to the novel coronavirus or has any confirmed cases and needs to be treated.  

Either way, we are equipped and ready to perform efficient and effective work to make the environment safe for all.  We have years of experience and are ready to put our public health mitigation program into practice. 


Highly effective cleaning is done in two stages, the cleaning of dirt and grime followed by the disinfection process.  Our ViralKleen procedure is done to ensure the safety of all who enter a treated facility.  High touch areas like elevator buttons, hostess stands, light switches, and doorknobs are breeding grounds for infectious diseases and need to be treated aggressively.  Our electrostatic spraying practices are effective because of the electrically charged disinfecting droplets that cling to surfaces and objects and kill viral pathogens and also because of our highly trained Floorite technicians.  Competitive pricing and customized cleaning outlines can be given by one of our Floorite managers to meet all of your cleaning and disinfecting needs.  


If there is a confirmed case or suspected exposure of COVID-19 within a facility it needs to be treated with the utmost care and precision.  At Floorite we have an established public health infectious disease mitigation plan of action in place to help CEOs, building managers and business owners carefully navigate through this process.  Once a general cleaning is done our trained technicians, with years of virus outbreak cleaning experience, will put our ViralKleen procedure into action.  Employees, residents, and customers need to be assured that their work/living environment is safe and germ-free and our ViralKleen process can do both.


Floorite’s ViralKleen process uses disinfectants charged with electrostatic sprayers/foggers in their preventative and decontamination procedures.  These sprayers are time efficient because they can disinfect 15,000 square feet which is 10x faster than a standard pump.  Also the distribution coverage of the disinfectant is optimized because the fogging process reduces its particles and makes it a better option for materials sensitive to moisture like paper and fabric.  Our electrostatic spraying system is the most effective disinfecting and time sprayer to date. 


In an effort to help contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, we have developed an information center to help educational facilities and individuals on the virus. Below are some relevant links to health authorities such as the CDC and the World Health Organization. We will be adding to and updating this section on a regular basis.

CDC General COVID-19 Page

CDC Guidance for businesses

CDC Guidance for schools

World Health Organization Situation Report


Novel Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that was first identified in Wuhan, China.  Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that affect humans and animals.  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is also a part of the coronavirus community but is not the same as the novel coronavirus.


Currently, there is no vaccine for COVID-19 however there are basic practices that you can put in place to help protect you and the people around you.  The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person via respiratory droplets through talking, sneezing, and coughing. 


Viral pathogens settle on surfaces, especially high touch areas, and if people come in contact with these surfaces and then touch their face before washing their hands they could become infected.  The virus can enter through your eyes, mouth or nose. 


During the shutdown, we continue cleaning and disinfecting some of our facilities, even some of our school locations have been constantly kept up by doing a deep cleaning and sanitizing throughout the COVID shutdown, and we always perform deep cleaning throughout the summer at some location upon request. See Summer Deep Cleaning Checklists

To assure our clients that we are adhering to CDC n-List product guidelines, please see SDS for chemicals we currently use.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)