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Strip and Wax Flooring

Floorite Floor Care Services, helps organizations maintain their hard floors and brand while attracting new clients.
Floorite Stripping and Waxing program is the ideal answer for keeping an astounding sparkle at a sensible cost. Strip and Waxing controls wear and tear, minimizes harm and diminishes excessive floor repair or substitution.

At Floorite, we usually come close to the minimum price on our calculator…Would also like to mention that Wood, stone and laminate flooring needs to be regularly waxed and cleaned to ensure long life. Floor traffic usually determines the frequency of waxing. Floorite recommends most areas be cleaned daily and waxed every three to six months. A polished floor promotes a hygienic environment and boosts the appearance of your business.

Strip and Wax Flooring Cost

Find out the average cost to Strip and Wax Floor. Get a fair, trustworthy and easy-to-understand estimate for your Floor Stripping and Waxing, also included are material and labor. Use the slides to customize your estimate and submit your job request.

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Item Qty Low High
Supplies 107 sq ft $6 $6
Effort - $0 $0
Labor - $0 $0
Equipment - $20 $45
Service Total - $26 $26
Area to be Cleaned 300 square feet

Cleaning Products Generic Brand

Labor Intensity 1

Effort Level I


Want the most accurate estimate for your project?

What to know about Stripping and Waxing
The Price Includes:
  • Time and materials commonly needed to remove build-up surface dirt/dust, grime and light — removable stains on the flooring.
  • Allocating appropriate time and budget for equipment expenses typically required to complete floor Stripping and Waxing tasks properly.
  • The age and condition of the flooring is also a factor in your estimate
  • Your estimate includes costs for disposable materials, equipment consumables and supplies used in executing Floor Stripping and Waxing properly.
  • Transportation cost is also factored in for workers and equipment to and from the job site

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