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What does your cleaning plan look like after COVID-19?  Do you even have one? As businesses, restaurants, daycares, movie theaters, shopping centers and numerous other venues begin to cautiously re-open after a lengthy quarantine, it is imperative that surfaces and objects have a thorough cleaning and are sanitized to ensure people’s safety.  Anxiety levels are high as people return to work and everyday life because they are concerned about their health.  What can be done? More importantly, how can it be done?

For peace of mind and safety concerns, venues need to have a “cleaning plan of action” in place and a strict on-going protocol so people feel confident in the cleanliness of their environment.  It can simply be done by breaking down space into sections and determining how you want to clean and disinfect it.  For example, it is always best to go from top to bottom leaving the floor for last.  Cleaning walls, vents, light switches, and any hanging decor happens first.  Next work your way down to furniture and fixtures.  Lastly, tackle the floors, floorboards, and area rugs.  

A post quarantine plan of action needs to be a two-step process, cleaning, and disinfecting.  Cleaning is done first and attacks dirt and soiled areas.  Disinfecting is done second and kills viral pathogens and bacteria.  The two go hand and hand when fighting this invisible monster, COVID-19.  This is standard practice amongst the cleaning industry and can make people feel more comfortable when returning to “normal” everyday activities.  

Times are different now and there is no wiggle room for subpar cleaning and disinfecting.  Practices that were “good enough” in the past simply are not acceptable now due to the potential severity of the Coronavirus.  Using products that are effective and appropriate for particular surfaces and objects is crucial in obtaining competent cleaning.  Sanitizing practices need to exceed expectations and become the new normal.  Sufficient just doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to potential life or death health scenarios.  

At Floorite our highly trained technicians have mastered the cleaning and disinfecting processes.  Our cleaning products are effective and of high quality.  Our VIRALKLEEN step by step practices can be customized and tailored to our client’s needs.  Floorite’s state of the art equipment and technology allows all surfaces to be sanitized through electrically charged sanitizing droplets that cling to all objects and make a 360-degree disinfectant protective barrier.  

In order to make sure that a thorough cleaning takes place whether you are having it professionally done or doing it yourself, it is best to have an easy to follow the plan.  As cleaning experts, we have found that the following steps helped many of our clients.  Before cleaning makes sure you declutter and remove all debris.  Once that is done, clean surfaces to get rid of dirt and soiled areas.  Continue to disinfect with EPA-registered disinfectant, being sure to hit all surfaces and objects.  Insufficient planning and cleaning can result in cross-contamination and occupant illness.  At Floorite we provide a higher level of cleaning with excellence, transparency, and safety in mind.  You can be confident that your cleaning and sanitizing will be done superbly because we have been in the business for over 10 years and our expertise is second to none.