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Did you know that cleaning is really a two-step process?  It is! First you clean and then you disinfect. Cleaners clean and get rid of dirt and stains.  They do not kill germs, however, disinfectants kill germs, bacteria, and viruses, something that we all are concerned about due to COVID-19.  Cleaners and disinfectants are the best partners that you will ever meet. They are meant to work hand and hand as a two-step process. It is always best to use cleaners and disinfectants separately and avoid the two-in-one option.  They tend to be less effective, compromising the efficacy of both the cleaner and the disinfectant.  

Disinfecting high traffic and high touch areas is always the best way to ensure a healthier environment.  Some of the most reliable EPA approved disinfectants are chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide based products and quaternary ammonium solutions also known as quats.  These three agents are the most popular amongst commercial cleaning companies because they are effective in producing a sanitary environment. 

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At Floorite we are unique and a step above every other commercial contract cleaning company because we specifically have a  public health mitigation program in place. We know how to respond to an infectious disease outbreak and understand the gravity of unclean conditions.  We have over 20 years of experience and know how to professionally and effectively annihilate any sickness causing viruses. 

We have advanced equipment that surpasses your traditional cloth and spray bottle.  We employ technology that uses 360 degree coverage with electric charges to make sure every surface, item and airspace is disinfected.  

Here are a few of the products and equipment that we use at Floorite.  Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is a water-based sanitizing product. This product tends to be non-irritating to eyes, skin and the human respiratory system because it has a neutral pH.  HOCL is gentler on items and surfaces without compromising its ability to act tough on germs.  

The most interesting fact about HOCL and proof that it is safe for humans is that it just so happens to be a crucial component of the human immune system, particularly the white blood cells.  How can you go wrong with something that is already naturally produced in the human body? Floorite technicians are experts on HOCL concentrations. They know exactly what ratio to use to kill certain viral pathogens. 

The equipment of electrostatic sprayers are used to disperse the solution.  As the disinfectant leaves the nozzle, a charge is put into every droplet causing them not to pool or soak into surfaces but rather form a thin protective layer.  The solution also has the ability to wrap itself around surfaces for a complete 360 degree coverage. This process is quick, efficient, time-saving and cost-effective.

Plasma and ultra-violet technology is another method we use for air disinfection.  Germs, bacteria, and viruses can travel through a building’s HVAC system making it very easy to infect many people.  The UV light fills the room and kills the airborne germs. Cleaning is complete with plasma and UV technology because by cleaning the air you are guaranteeing germs will not land on newly cleaned and disinfected surfaces.  If the air is germ infested then it defeats the purpose of cleaning surfaces and floors.  

At Floorite we know how to sanitize a building from top to bottom.   We are prepared to put our public health infectious disease mitigation plans into practice.  They are professional and ensure people’s health and safety making everyone more comfortable when returning to work and school. 

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