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On December 31, 2019, the excitement for a new year was bubbling over full of anticipation.  Goals, dreams, and resolutions flooded people’s journals as they were looking forward to a brighter year.  People walked into the new year confident about their game plans on how to advance their expectations.  The countdown began, the ball dropped and all plans for an exuberant new year were quickly halted a few weeks later with the threat of a deadly and rapidly growing global pandemic.  

When the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, was introduced into the world our lives would change forever.  A new normal would ensue and affect the way we conducted our daily activities for a long time.  Missing organized sports, schools closing and people working from home are just a few of the adjustments and shifts that people have had to make.  Functioning in this new normal has been frustrating for many and has affected people physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

After over 10 weeks of quarantining, we are finally starting to see the slight beacon of light at the end of a very long and arduous tunnel.  The little treasures, like going out to eat and visiting parks,  that we used to take for granted are slowly starting to infiltrate back into our lives.  Reopening our country and stimulating our economy are beginning to happen through “phases” and baby steps. 

The question is, “What does reopening look like and how do we do it?”  As we heed the advice of the nation’s top scientists and doctors we are learning that reopening the country is a delicate dance between ambition and caution.  

To ensure that you are safe during this process, it is imperative that certain precautions are taken and there is a protocol in place.  Slowly reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic can be unnerving and requires more than a status quo cleaning and janitorial services.  In order to make sure your workplace is safe, it requires a company that is well versed in biohazard cleaning and has a public health infectious disease mitigation platform in place.

Floorite’s ViralKleen Process allows commercial facilities, businesses, schools, daycares warehouses, and manufacturing plants to open confidently after and during the COVID-19 crisis.  Our cleaning and disinfecting procedures are extremely effective and efficient due to the use of hospital-grade, EPA registered products which are measured to the exact manufacturer’s specs for mixing and setting time.  We teach that cleaning is a two-step process.  First, we clean to rid the environment of dirt and grime, then we disinfect with hospital-grade and EPA approved disinfectants.  The ViralKleen process ensures we eradicate any viral pathogens or infectious disease threats.  The ViralKleen electrostatic sprayer allows electrically charged disinfectant droplets to sanitize surfaces and objects with a 360-degree barrier. 

We also have a complete commercial facility reopening guide to help people navigate the opening process safely and optimistically.  Business operations, communication procedures, and facility maintenance are just a few of the many topics discussed in this comprehensive guide.  We all would like life to jump start back to normal quickly but we need to make sure that it is done safely so we all can remain healthy.  Let us help you during these chaotic times to make the reopening process for your business or school seamless.