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Floorite is a leading provider of facility services and solutions, dedicated to creating cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environments. We offer comprehensive services including janitorial, engineering, parking, electrical and lighting, energy management, HVAC and mechanical, landscape and turf, and mission-critical solutions. Serving a wide range of industries, from commercial office buildings to universities, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and more, Floorite is committed to delivering exceptional service and performance.


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Our Mission

At Floorite, we take pride in our well-trained, efficient, and environmentally aware professionals who become an integral part of your team. We understand the importance of respecting your organization’s culture and values. Our team aligns with your goals, working diligently to provide exceptional service that meets your specific needs. By entrusting your janitorial services to Floorite, you can focus on your core responsibilities, knowing that your building maintenance is in capable hands. We are focused on Cleanliness because Cleanliness is universally appreciated – from shining floors and fresh-smelling air to well-stocked restrooms and smudge-free windows. Beyond the health benefits, proper janitorial cleaning services safeguard your facility’s assets, enhance employee productivity, and keep customers coming back.

Why People Choose Us?

We’re here to keep our customers with my low prices and good work (workmanship you can trust) We stand behind my work.

We’re the largest employer of home repair contractors in the world. Our dedication in hiring and retaining the very best home maintenance and repair technicians is why we are able to deliver a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

We’ve consistently hired experienced, reliable employees whose skills are further refined through technical and customer service training.

We are ready to be your long term partner for all of your needs. Contact us to day and see how we can help you!