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Daycare Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization System

The responsibility of cleaning a daycare facility can seem overwhelming and daunting.  Making sure that every toy, chair, doorknob, and book is wiped down and sanitized is a momentous feat.  At Floorite, LLC., our clients benefit from our two-step daycare cleaning system.

The first step is the fog disinfection.  An EPA dry fog, called FlooriteCare, is used to fill the entire room.  This substance leaves no residue and permeates everything it comes in contact with leaving surfaces and airspace disinfected.

Step two is similar to step one in that a non-residue forming dry fog is used to make sure the room remains safe and germ-free.  This EPA- approved fog called, Floorite, is filtered into the room and leaves an antimicrobial surface on everything it touches. This guarantees that your daycare will be germ-free for 90 days, a statement that is sure to make your parents feel safe, comfortable and happy.

Gym Disinfection with our Fog system

To ensure your patrons feel safe and healthy in gyms, it’s important to make sure that all equipment is sanitized correctly.  Even missing the tiniest spot can cause people to become sick because gyms are such high traffic areas and involve perspiration.  Our EPA-approved dry fog, called Floorite, is used to reach and disinfect every possible surface in the gym. Once this operation is used, it will kill germs on contact for 90 days with its antimicrobial formula, leaving people in your gym feeling confident that they will remain illness free.  Employing this cleaning technique every 90 days, will ensure that the gym’s weights, treadmills, courts and front desks continue to fight germs on contact.


Sanitize For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There have been quite a few questions about how effective our process is against Corona Virus. As this virus is so new there is not a lot of testing that has been completed yet. The hard part with COVID-19 is the latest information from the Center for Disease Control...

FOORITE – Closely Monitoring the Coronavirus

Virus Disinfecting Systems We are able to sanitize against the COVID 19 virus as well as all common bacteria.  Our plan of action is to continue to clean with our high-quality standards. We provide consistent, dependable care and will remain detail-oriented in every...

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