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Banks & Credit Unions

All patients should feel assured that they are receiving infection-free care. It sounds simple, but with growing international concerns about bacteria and viruses, one can not be overly cautious. Here at Floorite, LLC. we are equipped to handle sanitizing every area of your clinical, medical and healthcare facility. From the operating rooms to exam rooms and all areas in between, we are well trained in high-level aseptic products and cleaning techniques. We are capable of cleaning any size medical facility and are familiar with the healthcare mandates and regulations regarding cleaning adherence guidelines.

DISINFECT Covid-19 Commercial and Homes

✓ Quickly Disinfects All Surfaces
✓ New – Patented Fog Disinfection
✓ Natural, Safe and Non-Toxic
✓ Kills Coronavirus Bacteria
✓ Non-Demolition Mold Removal
✓ Floorite – Ongoing Protection
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