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Gyms & Recreational Facility

Gyms and Recreational facilities are where people go for fun and patrons want to be assured that they are safely sanitized and clean. Due to over 10 years of experience we have seen and heard it all and know what people come to expect from their sports clubs, rec centers and gyms. With top of the line cleaning solvents to abolish contaminants and bacteria, Floorite, LLC. treats every opportunity seriously and with the utmost respect. From the front desk, to the showers, to the courts, we customize an action plan that works for your building. We use a color-coded cloth system to eliminate and prevent cross- contamination. When people come to your facility, they should not be co ncerned about its sanitation and cleanliness, rather they should focus on having fun and working out. Floorite, LLC. is your guaranteed cleaning provider. .

DISINFECT Covid-19 Commercial and Homes

✓ Quickly Disinfects All Surfaces
✓ New – Patented Fog Disinfection
✓ Natural, Safe and Non-Toxic
✓ Kills Coronavirus Bacteria
✓ Non-Demolition Mold Removal
✓ Floorite – Ongoing Protection
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