Disinfecting indeed kill germs, including bacteria and viruses.

Disinfecting is a process that does indeed kill germs, including bacteria and viruses, on surfaces and objects. It works by using chemicals to destroy these germs, thereby reducing the risk of spreading infection. Here’s how disinfecting works and how Floorite’s ViralClean process can be especially effective:

How Disinfecting Kills Germs

  1. Chemical Action: Disinfectants contain chemicals that are designed to kill germs. When applied to surfaces, these chemicals disrupt the cellular structure of bacteria and viruses, rendering them inactive or destroying them.
  2. Surface Contact: For disinfectants to work effectively, they need to remain in contact with the surface for a specific period. This ‘dwell time’ allows the chemicals to act on the germs present.
  3. Broad Spectrum: Most disinfectants are broad-spectrum, meaning they can kill a wide range of pathogens, including common bacteria and viruses like those causing flu and COVID-19.

Floorite’s ViralClean Process

The ViralClean process developed by Floorite takes the concept of disinfecting a step further with several key features:

  1. Advanced Disinfectants: Floorite likely uses advanced disinfectants that are more effective against a wide range of pathogens, including resistant strains. These disinfectants are designed to be tough on germs but safe for humans and the environment.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: One of the challenges in effective disinfection is ensuring that all surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas, are properly treated. The ViralClean process may use specialized equipment or techniques to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  3. Regular Maintenance: The effectiveness of disinfection is not just about the strength of the disinfectant but also the frequency of cleaning. Floorite’s service likely includes a regular cleaning schedule that maintains a high level of hygiene over time.
  4. Customized Solutions: Different environments (like homes, offices, or healthcare facilities) have different needs. Floorite’s ViralClean process might offer customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each space.
  5. Expertise and Training: Professional services like Floorite’s ViralClean process benefit from trained personnel who understand the science of disinfection and can implement it effectively.


In summary, disinfecting is a crucial tool in the fight against germs, and services like Floorite’s ViralClean offer a more thorough and scientific approach than standard cleaning. By employing advanced disinfectants and techniques, such services can significantly reduce the risk of germ transmission, contributing to healthier living and working environments.


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