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Disinfecting indeed kill germs, including bacteria and viruses.

Disinfecting is a process that does indeed kill germs, including bacteria and viruses, on surfaces and objects. It works by using chemicals to destroy these germs, thereby reducing the risk of spreading infection. Here’s how disinfecting works and how Floorite’s ViralClean process can be especially effective: How Disinfecting Kills Germs Floorite’s ViralClean Process The ViralClean […]

Combating Flu and COVID-19: How Floorite’s ViralClean Process Can Be Your Ally

Combating Flu and COVID-19 As the cooler months roll in, bringing with them the annual flu season and the ongoing challenge of COVID-19, our attention turns sharply to the health and safety of our environments. While personal hygiene and vaccinations are frontline defenses, the role of environmental cleanliness is equally critical. This is where the […]

The difference between disinfecting and sanitizing

Disinfecting and sanitizing are both processes used to reduce or eliminate the presence of germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on surfaces or objects. However, they differ in their methods and the level of microbial reduction they achieve. Here’s a detailed explanation of the differences between disinfecting and sanitizing: In summary, the main difference between […]

Office cleaning New York

Floorite specializes in office cleaning services in the vibrant city of New York. We understand that a clean and organized office is essential for productivity and employee well-being. Services Offered: Our office cleaning services cover everything from regular cleaning and disinfection to carpet cleaning and floor maintenance. We tailor our services to suit your office’s […]

Floor Cleaning Services NJ

A gleaming floor can transform the entire look and feel of a space. Floorite’s floor cleaning services in New Jersey specialize in bringing this transformation to life. Our image shows a Floorite professional employing a state-of-the-art floor buffer, ensuring every inch of the hardwood shines to perfection. Dressed in a uniform with our logo, they […]