Combating Flu and COVID-19: How Floorite’s ViralClean Process Can Be Your Ally

Combating Flu and COVID-19

As the cooler months roll in, bringing with them the annual flu season and the ongoing challenge of COVID-19, our attention turns sharply to the health and safety of our environments. While personal hygiene and vaccinations are frontline defenses, the role of environmental cleanliness is equally critical. This is where the innovative Floorite ViralClean process shines, offering a robust solution for maintaining hygienic living and working spaces.

Understanding Flu and COVID-19

Influenza (flu) and COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, are contagious respiratory illnesses with significant health impacts. Both spread mainly through respiratory droplets, making public spaces, offices, and homes potential hotspots for transmission. The viruses can survive on surfaces for hours to days, making thorough cleaning an essential part of prevention strategies. This reality underscores the need for effective environmental cleaning techniques, beyond conventional methods.

The Science Behind ViralClean

Floorite’s ViralClean process goes beyond standard cleaning protocols. It utilizes a sophisticated approach that combines the latest in cleaning technology with environmentally friendly disinfectants. This powerful combination targets and eradicates a broad spectrum of pathogens, including the viruses responsible for flu and COVID-19. The process also addresses other contaminants like bacteria, allergens, and mold, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution. What sets ViralClean apart is its ability to penetrate and disinfect even hard-to-reach areas, offering a more thorough sanitization.

Benefits of ViralClean in Flu and COVID Season

The efficacy of the ViralClean process is particularly crucial during the flu and COVID season. Its thorough sanitizing capability plays a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of virus spread in various settings. In homes, it ensures a safe environment for families, especially those with vulnerable members. In offices and other facilities, it promotes a healthier workspace, crucial for maintaining productivity and reducing absenteeism due to sickness. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your environment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected is invaluable during these challenging times.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Many users have reported significant benefits from the ViralClean process, especially during peak flu and COVID-19 periods. From reduced incidence of illness in office settings to families feeling more secure in their homes, the positive feedback underscores the effectiveness of this cleaning method.


Staying proactive in health and safety is crucial, especially during the flu and COVID season. Integrating Floorite’s ViralClean process into our cleaning regimes adds a vital layer of protection, complementing personal and public health measures. As we navigate these challenging times, the importance of thorough and effective cleaning cannot be overstated. ViralClean offers a reliable, advanced solution to keep our environments, and consequently ourselves, safer and healthier.


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